Juan Jesus |”We are all brothers”

Roma defender Juan Jesus has revealed his desire to spread the message that “we are all brothers” after reporting racists insults he received on social media. The perpetrator has now been handed a life ban from attending Roma matches and a three year ban from any Serie A fixture.

“I didn’t just do it for myself, but for all those who suffer insults and have to bow their heads because of the colour of their skin,” admitted the Giallorossi centreback to Calciomercato.com.

“Don’t lower your head. Keep it high, because the only race that exists is the human one. We’re all brothers. And if tomorrow they asked me to put myself at the forefront of this fight, I would certainly go with it and do it with pride.

“Just as I would be ready to make a strong gesture in the case of racist demonstrations during a match.”

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