Official | Commisso purchases Fiorentina from Della Valle

After days of negotiations in Milan, the ownership of A.C.F. Fiorentina has officially changed hands.

Rocco Commisso has confirmed the deal has been completed.

After investing in the club 17 years ago, Andrea and Diego Della Valle have left Fiorentina.

Read Commisso’s official statement below:

I’ve always been a fan of Italian football and there are no words to describe how incredibly honoured I am to have the opportunity to contribute to writing the next chapter in the history of a legendary club like Fiorentina.

Florence is known throughout the world as a city that represents the best of Italian culture.

In these three years of talks to buy the club, I gained a deep awareness of how important the Viola are for this city and their fans.

I’d like to thank the Della Valle family for managing Fiorentina over the past 17 years.

Diego and Andrea deserve great credit for having saved this club from financial collapse. They leave behind a solid foundation on which to build the club.

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