Antonio Conte indicates his time is up at Inter : “I know that I don’t want to go through another year like this.”

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia after his Inter side’s defeat to Sevilla in the Europa League final, Antonio Conte seemed to indicate that this season would be his only one at the club. The manager pointed out that his private life had been affected by a difficult campaign, and seemed resigned to the fact that he would leave before the start of next season

“It’s been a great season for me, I have to thank the owners for giving me the opportunity to have this experience. It was worth it and I’ll always thank the club, and Marotta and Ausilio, the ones who chose me.”

“We’ll go back and plan out Inter’s future, whether that’s with or without me. It’s been a difficult season in every sense, and a decision should be taken in the best interests of the club.

“I think I’ve given and received a lot, so in that sense I am happy. But there are situations I lived through this year that I didn’t like. I have a family and I have to understand whether football remains my priority – everything has a limit and I have to understand where mine is, and I don’t want my private life to be affected.”

“There is no bitterness though, I can assure you that. It was a great journey, but a tough one, in every sense. I’m not backing off – if we can improve on it we’ll do so, otherwise we’ll see. I know that I don’t want to go through another year like this, it’s only right that president Zhang makes his conclusions based on what I’ll tell him.”

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