Claudio Ranieri on changes Covid-19 will make to football: “When we start again, I suggest we have five substitutions a game.”

Speaking today to Rai Radio 1, Sampdoria manager Claudio Ranieri commented on the possibility of restarting this season’s Serie A campaign, while putting forward his own recommendations on measures the football world could implement once play resumes.

“I’m not sure whether the season will be able to start again or not, but one thing is sure: players are like Formula 1 cars – they should be pushed to the full. Will it be possible to do so in this situation? I hope that the Medical-Sporting Federation [FMSI] will have the final say. I think the season should be played out, but it’s the doctors who tell us whether and how to play it.”

“The World Cup will be played in winter, if we play the season over the calendar year as [Adriano] Galliani suggested, we’ll have more time to recover. When we start again, I suggest we have five substitutions a game. The players will be led to a high stress level, especially those that had the virus. I read that in England they want to do it and it seems right to me.”

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