Lazio club doctor on protocol requiring quarantine for squads with Covid-19 cases: “For me, that’s a crime.”

In an interview with Naples-based radio station Radio Kiss Kiss, transcribed in La Repubblica, Lazio’s club doctor Ivo Pulcini has declared that he would refuse to quarantine healthy members of his squad should a positive case of Covid-19 appear at the club, as the current medical protocol would dictate.

“You tell me I need to put fifty healthy people in quarantine, for me that’s a crime – seeing as they are healthy, they have to tell me what this means. It’s not my will, it’s imposed upon me, they decide and I have to take on the responsibility? I won’t quarantine people who are healthy.”

“The fourteen-day quarantine for players doesn’t take into account the decreasing trend in infections. What was true a month ago has changed completely now. In medicine you take into account the moment.”

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