Luis Alberto criticises Lazio over new private plane: “There’s nothing for us in the team, though.”

Soon after Lazio revealed the club’s new private plane, Spanish midfielder Luis Alberto criticised the club for seemingly prioritising spending on keeping up appearances over paying wages.

The story was picked up in various outlets insluding Gazzetta dello Sport, with the player making his frustrations known on Instagram soon after the photos were released: “All very nice… But when will we look after those who are inside. It’s appearances.” 

Lazio’s number 10 then made his feelings known over the course of a Twitch stream, in which he criticised the club’s management even further: “Yes, I saw the plane, that much money spent… There’s nothing for us in the team though.” in what appears to be a reference to the wage cut the Biancocelesti players took whilst Italian football was suspended during lockdown.

The Spaniard recently signed a new contract, keeping him in the capital until 2025, having arrived at the club in 2016. 


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