Matthijs De Ligt on his first impressions of the Juventus dressing room: “I felt like a kid in a sweet shop.”

Juventus defender Matthijs De Ligt, speaking to YouTube channel Foot Truck, looked back on his first impressions of the Bianconeri dressing room and addressed the reasons for his move to Italy.

 “I had a lot of time to choose between the clubs that wanted me, when I put all the factors on the table I understood that this one was best for me. We are a complete squad. Ajax is a great club with a good structure for the youth academy, but you don’t reach the top if you stay there.”

“When I entered the dressing room for the first time I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. Buffon was there, Ronaldo was there, it felt like a dream. I arrived later than the others, so when we played Tottenham in the Asian tour I was late in terms of pre-season training. After 20 minutes I couldn’t breathe.”

“I’m happy to be here, I’m someone who plays to win and I’ve found many teammates who have the same mentality.”



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