Eusebio Di Francesco speaks on his Roma dismissal: “Some wrong decisions were made.”

Former Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke at length about his time in the capital, in an interview with Corriere dello Sport, notably looking back on the aspects of his tenure that led to his departure.

“I’ve had to push back so many situations [because of Covid-19], the possibility of returning to management had come up – most recently in February, abroad. I hope things can return back to how they were before.”

[On being sacked after the Porto match in 2019] “That’s just the way football is, it’s linked to episodes. My dismissal was linked to several situations beyond the results. There was some dscontent that led to it. It was a particular moment, we had lost the derby. Yes, it was badly, but in the four derbies I managed I won two and only lost that one, and it’s the only one people remember. In Porto we had been unlucky with refereeing decisions, we deserved to go to the quarters. We had done as much as possible in Europe. I still have the disappointment of the Liverpool loss, which was in unique conditions.”

[On the following summer’s transfer window] “Some wrong decisions were made, starting from the ones I regret the most – Strootman and Nainggolan’s departures. Strootman is an extroardinary player, when he left we lost personality and we paid for it in the results. I regret not insisting on him staying.”



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