Minister of Sport Spadafora suggests Italy could follow France in ending campaign: “I would start to think about next season.”

Italian Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora, speaking to La7 this morning, that meetings will take place with the Italian FA and the medical committee concerning the former’s medical protocol for restarting training sessions.

He explains that the previous set of regulations presented by the country’s football authorities was insufficient, and as a result the resumption of training sessions was pushed back to the 18th May, rather than the 4th in the case of other sports. Nevertheless, the minister was pessimistic on the chances of restarting Italian football this season.

“I see a very tricky path to resuming the season. There is uncertainty, but the alternative is to follow the what other countries have done. I suggest Calcio starts to think about a plan B. We might have a surprise in the next few days, since the presidents of Serie A are meeting and they might ask us to suspend everything. If I were them, I would start to think about next season. It’s pointless that they write to [Prime Minister Giuseppe] Conte, the government will decide together.”

“Today, I can’t say if the season will restart mid-June. But if there is not enough safety then the season will have to come to a close.”

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