Roberto De Zerbi sets Champions League qualification as Sassuolo target: “Sooner or later we will get there.”

During a press conference held during celebrations for the club’s 100th anniversary, Sassuolo manager Roberto De Zerbi spoke to Sky Sport Italia about his ambitions for the club going forward, stating that he believed the club will reach the Champions League in the future.

“It would be presumptuous to speak about the Champions League today. But I think that Sassuolo will get there sooner or later. This is because the club has grown over the years and is made up of serious people.”

“However this is an objective for the future, the one we have now is the game against Cagliari, and the dream is to finish seventh. We’ll try to catch up with Milan and Napoli as long as the maths is in our favour, and we’ll try and keep up with them.”

“I’m proud to be the manager on the 100th anniversary of this club. I am part of a serious club, and this is a position that you get by earning it – you have to continue working in it in the best way possible.”



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