Rocco Commisso on Fiorentina’s stadium struggles: “The city had no ideas to put forward.”

In a press conference – transcribed in Corriere dello Sport – to mark the first anniversary of his takeover of the club, Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso has spoken about his long-held ambitions regarding a stadium upgrade.

“I’ve always wanted the same thing. Money is not the issue, and my mentality is the same: fast, fast, fast. I’m disappointed that, after speaking about a stadium for years, the city had no ideas to put forward. We spoke about restructuring the [Artemio] Franchi, but after a meeting with the authorities we understood that we could not have the stadium as we want it.  Our fans can’t be getting wet at the stadium when it rains. In America, the stadiums that were built 90 years ago don’t exist anymore.”

“I was told that the taxes on the stadium would increase. It’s not fair, as an entrepreneur I am committing my money to help Italy. This is why we’ve announced the option to buy 36 and a half hectares to build the new stadium at Campi Bisenzio, where it will be possible to have more parking space.”

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