Chiellini on Ronaldo’s move to Man Utd: “Would’ve been better if he left earlier.”

Juventus star Giorgio Chiellini believes that Cristiano Ronaldo should have left the club well before than he did for Manchester United.

Ronaldo scored a late winner recently to help United beat Atalanta in the Champions League. He helped the Red Devils come back from 2-0 down to help them win 3-2. He had joined his former club late in the transfer window, after being linked with Manchester City.

Chiellini talked to DAZN about Ronaldo and stated: “We had reached a point in the relationship where Cristiano needed new stimuli and a team that would play for him. When he finds such a team it is always decisive, he has always shown that – even at Juve.

“At Juve, a rejuvenation program is underway, it is clear that if he had remained it would have been an added value and we would have gladly exploited it, but it could also have been that he decided to restart from a team that he thought was ready for the present.”

The Euro 2020 winner further stated: “He left on August 28, surely it would have been better for us if he had left earlier to help us get ready.”

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