Juventus, Milan and Inter express desire to remain in Serie A despite Super League plans

ANSA reports this afternoon that, in an emergency meeting this afternoon between representatives of Serie A’s 20 clubs, the three teams involved in the Super League project – namely Juventus, Milan and Inter – expressed their desire to the other clubs to remain in the league.

A Lega Serie A meeting had originally been scheduled for the late afternoon, with the three clubs initially excluded from the assembly. In the end, the Bianconeri and the two Milan clubs were allowed to join and during the group call made it clear that despite threats of exclusion from UEFA and national competition, they would like to remain in the domestic competition alongside the new Super League.

Among those present and representing their clubs were Juventus president Andrea Agnelli – who has played a key role in the formation of the breakaway project – along with Inter CEO Beppe Marotta and Milan’s Paolo Scaroni. 

The 20 clubs will meet again next week to discuss the Super League issue further, this time face-to-face and in Milan.

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