Patrice Evra hails Juventus boss Allegri: “He has more flair than Ferguson.”

Manchester United legend and ex-Juventus star Patrice Evra has stated that Massimiliano Allegri has more flair than Sir Alex Ferguson.

Evra spoke to La Repubblica in a detailed interview and he spoke about Italian football and Allegri as well. The Frenchman praised Allegri, claiming that he has more flair than Sir Alex Ferguson.

He stated: “He has incredible flair. More than Ferguson. Allegri always knows how a game will go before it starts. In the return leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League in 2015 in Dortmund, he predicted everything. Crazy. Before the match he told us: ‘This is a friendly’. 

“Whereas, a few days before against Genoa, he was yelling at us as if it were in a Champions League final. Allegri is like this: he is obsessed with lesser games, he doesn’t care about big matches.”

Allegri’s Juve were on an unbeaten run recently after a disappointing winless streak but a loss to Sassuolo in Turin hampered their title hopes further.

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