Phone records point to secret Ronaldo fee from Juventus

Phone records have suggested that Juventus had made secondary payments in their move for Cristiano Ronaldo during the pandemic.

This comes from La Gazzetta dello Sport, who state that the Ronaldo transfer has become a very curious subject of study for the authorities in the Juventus capital gains case. They are studying the financial details of the transfer in an in-depth manner while looking at his contract and tallying it with the phone recordings they have.

Ronaldo had signed a four-year contract with Juve worth €31 million net per season. There were no additional bonus for achieving personal goals but only a (rather low) bonus in the event of a league win. Precisely on this, the investigators are trying to clarify that in the telephone conversations reference was made to monthly payments relating to the lockdown period (between March and April 2020), when the other players had accepted the freezing of some monthly payments. 

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