Pippo Inzaghi on Liverpool v Milan: “It’s an unforgettable match for me.”

Milan legend Pippo Inzaghi has recently talked about the Rossoneri’s upcoming Champions League game against Liverpool.

Stefano Pioli’s men take on the Reds at Anfield and Inzaghi talked to Sky Italia about the game, reliving some memories of the final in Istanbul when he was playing for Il Diavolo.

He claimed: “I hope to be at San Siro on my return, it’s an unforgettable match for me. It’s the match of my life because it brings back great memories.

“The thing that gives me the most pleasure is to see Milan in the Champions League again. Thanks to Pioli and the work of Maldini and the management, they are a real team again.

“Liverpool are one of the most difficult opponents you can face, but you can grow and learn from games like these.

“I hope to see a good match and I hope that Milan play a great match, which would increase even more the conviction and awareness in this team that is growing more and more with every game.”

Apart from being in the same Champions League group, both Milan and Liverpool are unbeaten in the league and have made impressive starts to their respective seasons.

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