Roma boss Mourinho hails Pellegrini: “If we had three Pellegrinis, all three would play.”

Roma boss Jose Mourinho has hailed the club’s midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini, saying that if the team had three Pellegrinis, all of them would play at the same time.

The Portuguese was talking to the press ahead of Roma’s UEFA Conference League game against Trabzonspor on Thursday. He was asked about Pellegrini and his abilities as a player.

Jose stated: “He can do everything. If we had three Pellegrinis, all three would play at the same time, they could never be on the bench. Lorenzo is intelligent, he understands the game, he understands the coach’s ideas.”

Mourinho was also asked about Amadou Diawara’s situation and he revealed that he could leave before deadline day.

“He is a player in our squad, as you know there is a group of players who are not working with us but who are working separately, Diawara is with us. The market is open until August 31, something can happen.

“But it can also happen that Diawara stays and if he stays, he is an option. He has experience and quality, he is a good man and a good professional with whom we have a positive relationship. If he stays with us it will be a plus and not a problem. For this reason, both the club and the player are safe.”

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