Seedorf hails Maldini: “Milan is in good hands.”

Milan legend Clarence Seedorf has stated his belief that the club is in good hands under Paolo Maldini currently.

Seedorf spoke about a range of topics in a recent interview with Tuttosport and one topic that he talked about was Milan and their situation right now. He hailed Maldini, also stating that the Rossoneri and Inter could win the Scudetto while Juventus won’t.

He stated: “I talk to Maldini every now and then. Milan is in good hands , the DNA of every club can only be passed on by those who lived it. And therefore Milan, having a totem like him, present every day, at least the information is passed well.

“Milan are building something solid, the choices are clear and then I always consider the mix of young and old to be fundamental. Paolo sees it the same, they have Ibra on the pitch and this summer they have taken Giroud, so we are in line on this.”

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