Doctor who operated on Juventus’ Paul Pogba: “The injury had worsened”

Professor Roberto Rossi, who has operated on Paul Pogba’s knee recently, has stated that conservative therapy had worsened the Frenchman’s meniscus problem.

While Pogba had the option to go for surgery back in August, the Frenchman chose conservative therapy instead as he didn’t want to miss the World Cup. But now, he has opted for surgery, which was done on Monday by Rossi himself.

Professor Rossi is a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology and he is the head physician at the Mauriziano hospital in Turin. He recently spoke to Tuttosport and provided details about the midfielder’s situation.

He stated:“Well, the tear of the external meniscus was complex because the tissue was fragmented.

“As we have also seen from previous MRI scans, the meniscal injury had worsened and when the player tried to force himself by running on the pitch he had a joint block of the knee.”

When asked if the therapy had worked or not, Rossi stated: “Let’s say it didn’t work. On the contrary, the lesion got worse. Let’s imagine the meniscus as a gasket, made up of collagen fibers. Sometimes it happens that the fibers are no longer repairable: it depends on the location of the lesion, the type of lesion and the quality of the tissues. When we spoke on Tuesday we evaluated all these three elements.”

Pogba had picked up the injury back in the United States and then returned to Italy to seek advice about it. While it has been reported that he could be back in six weeks, others have stated that he could be out for two months as well.



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