Franck Ribery opens up on retirement: “The doctors said the situation was serious”

Franck Ribery has revealed that doctors have told him about the severity of the knee issues and that is why he has to bid adieu to the game.

Ribery announced yesterday that he is retiring from the game, with his last game expected to take place with Salernitana against Spezia. In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Frenchman has revealed that his knee issues are serious and the doctors have informed him about it already.

He also revealed that it is an emotional moment for him but he hasn’t invited his family to the last game as he doesn’t want them to see him sad.

He told: “In the last week, I’ve been thinking a little bit more about this moment but the truth is, I am not really prepared for it. Three months ago, I was still feeling fine. It was a great pre-season retreat, then the first pains in the knee came. In the first league match against Roma, I played with pain. I am not a fragile person, but for the next 3 days I was unable to move. The doctors said the situation was very serious. I tried to recover. I couldn’t believe that I was forced to quit. I would have liked to choose when to say enough.”

Ribery also revealed that he cried when he watched the video that was released yesterday and believes that his retirement has come too quickly.

The winger said: “Yesterday I saw the commemorative video of my career and I cried. I have a sensitivity, a heart. I knew this day would come, but this is bad. It all happened very quickly. Too quickly. And it hurts.”

Salernitana manager Davide Nicola has already revealed that Ribery will join his coaching staff and talks were previously held between the club and the Frenchman.



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