Inter fans forced to leave San Siro by Curva Nord during Sampdoria win

During Inter’s home game at the San Siro against Sampdoria, several fans were forced to leave the stadium by Curva Nord.

Before the game at the San Siro, one of the ultras chiefs of Curva Nord had been killed in an ambush that involved criminals and drug trafficking. As a sign of mourning, Curva Nord had left the stadium early during the Sampdoria game.

As reported by Sportface, many fans in the stadium that aren’t related to Curva Nord were also forced to exit the stadium by the fans group and this included women and children.

Many fans had taken to Twitter to express their anger against the act and against Curva Nord’s behaviour. Sportmediaset also relayed the anger of these fans but they also go on to state that Inter are already thinking about a refund for the fans who were forced to exit San Siro. It could come in the form of a refund or a gift ticket.



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