Juventus’ Dybala questioned as part of financial irregularities investigation

Juventus’ Paulo Dybala has been questioned by authorities in the financial irregularities investigation involving the club.

La Gazzetta dello Sport claim that Dybala is not involved in the case at all but he could have some vital information about the likes of Pavel Nedved, Maurizio Arrivabene and Federico Cherubini. 

The prosecution is now investigating the agreement linked to the reduction in salaries that Juventus players had reached with the club during pandemic in March 2020. After yesterday’s searches, Paulo Dybala was called to testify today.

At 3 pm, he should have been at Continassa for training, instead he had to change plans. Various agents and lawyers have already been called and more players may have to testify for the authorities.

Dybala arrived at around 3 pm, accompanied by the driver Marino. The judges want to check the agreements reached by the club clearly, with particular focus on the timing. The players but above all the prosecutors (who in turn are not involved) can provide useful information to add to the papers they found in the searches in Milan studios. Agent Alessandro Lucci, who represents Cuadrado, Bonucci and Dejan Kulusevski have already been called.

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