Juventus in advanced talks to sign Alvaro Morata permanently

Juventus are now in advanced talks to sign Alvaro Morata permanently from Juventus in the summer.

Carlo Laudisa has reported that Juve are in dialogue with Atletico Madrid over a permanent deal for the Spaniard for a while now. Atleti’s initial demand in the option to buy was €35 million but Juve do not want to pay above €25 million for a permanent purchase.

While the Spanish club was not allowing a drop in price, negotiations are now proceeding well. A new loan with a lower option to buy could become an ideal alternative to bring about a breakthrough.

Atletico signed Morata from Chelsea in January 2020 and they immediately paid €18 million and completed the transfer in the summer, committing to another €35 million. So the operation cost €53 million with amortisation spread until 2024. In short, the Spanish club would be making a loss if they accepted in 2022 a figure lower than what was agreed in September 2020 with the bianconeri.

So now, we are working on a new formula that allows Juve to spread the burden of redemption in at least two years (if not three), but always with the loan formula.


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