Juventus refuse to negotiate Dybala contract with current agent

Juventus have refused to discuss Paulo Dybala’s contract with the Argentine’s current agent.

Carlo Laudisa has reported that Juve have turned their backs on Jorge Antun because the agent does not have professional qualifications needed by FIFA that agents need to have. The meeting between the parties is scheduled for Monday but this part of Juventus’ stance will not help Dybala.

Antun is a trusted man by La Joya’s brothers and it is no coincidence that he entered the scene after breaking up with Pierpaolo Triulzi.

In the background, there is already the idea of ​​the Juventus to close the offer at a three-year deal worth €7 million plus bonuses, while the player expects higher figures and for a longer period. The risk of an exit is now more than real and question marks about La Joya are increasing.

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