Lazio slam Jose Mourinho: “Attacks us to divert attention from failures.”

In a recent statement, Lazio have slammed Jose Mourinho’s recent comments that pointed towards Francesco Acerbi being offside when he scored the Biancocelesti’s winner against Spezia.

While the Italian defender’s goal had helped Lazio win 4-3, Mourinho focused on that following Roma’s 0-0 draw against Bologna on Sunday. But Lazio have now responded with a statement, saying that it is an attempt to divert attention from Roma’s result.

The club’s statement read: The fact that in 2022 a coach of another team, during his press conferences, repeatedly refers to presumed referee favors to competing teams and at the same time, some national sports journalists, of declared footballing faith are fervent about the same argument, forgetting their professional role and the duty of impartiality, demonstrates some things that Lazio is obsessively in their thoughts more than their professional goals; that they look into other people’s homes to divert attention from poor results and sensational episodes that have occurred in one’s own home.

“That, despite the need to evolve the image of football in Italy, some players are stuck with the constant repetition of the accusations against the referees and the VAR; that these offensive attitudes towards the referees and the lack of journalistic objectivity are too often overlooked.”

This is not the first time that Mourinho has talked about referees, since arriving in Serie A. As things stand, Roma and Lazio are level on points at fifth and sixth respectively. Both can’t qualify for the top four now.


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