Paolo Maldini’s renewal at Milan is now uncertain

Paolo Maldini’s future at Milan is now uncertain and he may not renew his contract at the club.

Corriere della Sera have reported about the situation of Maldini, claiming that the change in the club’s ownership means that renewal is not currently possible. He will have to talk to the buyers about his future and get some certainty about what they would do.

His future can no longer be taken for granted, especially considering his interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport in which he talked about the non-renewal of his deal and the lack of clarity on the future.

Maldini has travelled to Tel-Aviv recently (and he’s a stone’s throw away from Roman Abramovich’s residence there) and he has refused to comment about things on his future and he hasn’t confirmed or denied anything. Elliott have also, so far, not commented on Maldini’s interview but they know that an exit for the Italian will be unacceptable for the club.

The report describes the situation as ‘delicate’ and ‘tense’ but this comes after it was reported that the renewals of both the former defender and RIcky Massara were close.

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