Premier League earns ten times more TV revenue than Serie A

The Premier League’s earnings through TV revenue are now ten times than that of Serie A.

La Gazzetta dello Sport have done a research on TV revenues amongst the top five European leagues and while it is unsurprising that the Premier League tops the charts, it is the gulf between the English top flight and other leagues that is staggering.

While the Premier League’s revenue generated from TV stands at well over €2 billion, Serie A has now been surpassed by the Bundesliga and La Liga and the Italian top flight’s revenue stands at a little over €200 million. Out of that figure, about €139 million is generated from broadcasts all over the world and the rest is garned from the CBS broadcasts.

Last season, Inter earned €84 million, Juventus earned €78 million and Milan’s numbers stood at €77 million. In the Premier League, Manchester City earned €187 million; just €2 million behind Liverpool’s revenue of around €185 million. Shockingly enough, Norwich City (who got relegated) earned €116.4 million – well more than any Serie A side. Norwich’s Serie A equivalent – Venezia, earned a little less than €26 million.



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