Serie A sides sanctioned by UEFA over FFP breaches

Serie A sides Inter, Milan, Roma and Juventus have been sanctioned by UEFA over Financial Fairplay breaches.

UEFA have confirmed that a total of eight clubs have been sanctioned by them, for having breached FFP rules over the period of 2018 to 2022 over the last four years.

Out of those eight clubs, four are Italian sides – the two Milan clubs, Roma and the Bianconeri. The clubs have signed an agreement with UEFA for a compensation of 172 million in total and the Serie A clubs will have to possibly pay a majority of them, if they don’t comply with the financial rules in the future.

15 percent of that total fine has to be paid unconditionally by the clubs, including the Italian ones. And they would have to pay more if the finances aren’t down to the limits in the next three or four years. The other clubs include Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille and Besiktas.

Milan will have to pay €2 million euros initially (€15 million if they do not return to below the limit within 3 years). Juventus will have to pay 3.5 million ( €23 million if it does not return within the limit in the next 3 years). Inter will have to pay €4 million( €26 million if they do not return within 4 years). Roma meanwhile, will have to pay €5 million (€35 million if it does not return within 4  years).  



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