Theo Hernández’s partner and 6-month-old son caught up in a house robbery

On Tuesday evening, four armed men with their faces covered broke into the house of Milan defender Theo Hernández in the province of Varese.

According to the report from Sky Sport Italia, the France international was not home at the time of the robbery as he had just left. But his partner Zoe Cristofoli and their six-month-old son Theo Junior were inside the house alongside two other domestic workers.

The report understands that the thugs had guns, and they entered Theo’s house after 20.30 on Tuesday evening. As per Sky Sport Italia’s understanding, the thieves would’ve made their way into the house from the back of the residence. And after plundering, they also managed to escape with the stolen loot.

Having gotten the news of the robbery, Theo immediately returned to the scene to discover that his partner and their child were safe. But the robbers were able to steal a good chunk of valuable goods. Investigations are reportedly underway. The investigators are trying to determine the perpetrators with the help of surveillance cameras and the account of the incident from Cristofoli.

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