Tottenham man set to talk to authorities amidst Juventus financial investigations

Tottenham’s Dejan Kulusevski is set to talk to the authorities for reference regarding the financial irregularities case involving Juventus.

La Verita claim today that while it was Dybala yesterday who met with the authorities in the prosecutor’s office to talk about the case involving Juve, Kulusevski has already been called up to do the same with the investigators soon.

Other players will also be heard and it will be those players who had agreements with the club during the first lockdown for deferred payments over a four-month period.

It has been decided that the next player in line for questioning is Kulusevski, who is not involved in the case like Dybala but could provide vital information about what really happened. La Gazzetta dello Sport had mentioned the same yesterday, with the likes of Danilo and Juan Cuadrado said to be next in line.

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