Tottenham’s Dejan Kulusevski opens up on Juventus struggles and praises Antonio Conte

Tottenham star Dejan Kulusevski has opened up about the differences between Spurs and Juventus, while also talking about his struggles at the Bianconeri.

The Swede had joined Spurs from Juve on an initial 18-month loan deal and Rodrigo Bentancur had joined him as well. Kulusevski has been very impressive for Antonio Conte, becoming one of their most important players.

The winger gave an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport recently and he spoke about the differences between how things are at Spurs and how they were at Juve under Max Allegri.

He stated: “I’m a guy who likes to look forward, more than back. Certainly at Juventus I didn’t feel very well for many different reasons and when you realize that things are not going well, then it is difficult to reverse the course remaining in the same environment. Therefore the choice leaving Italy was the best I could do in that situation.”

He also gave his views on the differences between Conte and Allegri, saying: “Honestly yes. I don’t want to say that one is better than the other, because I have great respect for both Allegri and Conte and both have won a lot in their careers, but the job and the idea of ​​football are completely different. At Tottenham, like I have already said, you work a lot harder in the gym and you can see the results. I can say that from Juve to Spurs my world has changed.”

The Swede had some praise for Conte and his ability to motivate himself and the players. The player stated: “I have never known in my life, even outside of football, a motivated person like Antonio Conte. One like that, when he talks to you, inevitably enters your heart.”

He was also asked about how he feels while training under Conte and his emphasis on physical training. 

“At Tottenham my body changed, mainly thanks to the exercises in the gym, in a very short time. We work a lot every day, and better than I did in Italy. I love how we train in London and certainly the credit goes to our coach: I’m very happy to play for him.”

For Spurs, Kulusevski has racked up 11 assists and six goals in just 29 appearances. As for Juventus, he couldn’t even reach the 11-assists mark and racked up ten assists in 74 appearances in what was a bland spell.





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