Turin Prosecutor’s Office investigating extortion case involving Juventus’ Paul Pogba

Following developments in France, the Turin Prosecutor’s Office is now investigating an extortion case involving Juventus’ Paul Pogba.

Sky Italia claim that on 14 July, two people showed up at the Continassa, asking to meet the Juventus midfielder, but without success. Now on their trail are the investigators of the mobile squad of the Turin Police Headquarters. The proceeding was opened after a complaint filed by the lawyer Rafaela Pimenta.

This comes after Paul’s brother Mathias Pogba had posted a video online, stating that the ex-Manchester United midfielder is a ‘traitor’ and the ‘most hypocritical person on Earth’. 

The background, according to the French media, is an alleged ‘witchcraft’ against Kylian Mbappé, ace of PSG and the French national team. But Paul Pogba, already heard by the Parisian magistrates, would have denied any involvement, explaining instead that there are ‘old acquaintances’ who are convinced that they must be rewarded for having guaranteed his safety for years. 




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