10 Best Coaches in Serie A

Serie A, the top-tier professional football league in Italy, has long been recognized as one of the most competitive and tactical leagues in the world.

This reputation is owed to its storied clubs, world-class players, and, notably, the profound influence of its talented managers who mastermind the success on the pitch. The role of a coach extends beyond the 90 minutes of play. They are tacticians, mentors, and leaders responsible for building cohesive units capable of winning battles on the football field.

Jose Mourinho (Roma)

A controversial figure but undeniably successful, Jose Mourinho brings a rich resume to Roma, having coached powerhouses like Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, winning numerous domestic and international titles. Mourinho’s approach is often described as ‘pragmatic’. He focuses on a well-structured defense and exploits opposition weaknesses with calculated counter-attacks. With Mourinho at the helm, Roma can anticipate tactical prowess, coupled with a renewed spirit that might bring them closer to the elusive Serie A title.

Max Allegri (Juventus)

Max Allegri’s return to Juventus and Italia has brought a sense of familiarity and optimism. Allegri’s tactical genius lies in his versatility and ability to read games, which have led Juventus to several Serie A titles and two Champions League finals during his previous tenure. With Allegri back at the helm, Juventus will be expected to regain their dominance domestically, with European glory being the ultimate ambition.

Maurizio Sarri (Lazio)

Maurizio Sarri, a figure well-known for his ‘Sarri-ball’ philosophy, brings an exciting brand of football to Lazio. Sarri’s teams are characterized by intense pressing, quick short passes, and relentless attacking play. If successfully implemented, his high-tempo style could make Lazio a thrilling side to watch and potential dark horses in the Serie A race.

Thiago Motta (Bologna)

Thiago Motta’s transition from a decorated player to an exciting coach brings promise to Bologna. Motta’s philosophy hinges on fluid football, with a focus on ball possession and exploiting spaces. His innovative style and emphasis on youth development could be key for Bologna as they aim to climb the Serie A ladder.

Simone Inzaghi (Inter Milan)

Having led Lazio with distinction, Simone Inzaghi has the task of continuing Inter Milan’s resurgence. Inzaghi’s teams are known for their tactical flexibility and high motivation levels. His ability to effectively rotate the squad while maintaining the team’s competitiveness has been commendable. Under Inzaghi, Inter Milan will aim to maintain their recent success while potentially pushing for European honors and Italia dominance.

Gian Piero Gasperini (Atalanta)

Gian Piero Gasperini has turned Atalanta into a potent force in Italian and European football. His philosophy is centered around a relentless attacking style and a strong focus on player development. Gasperini has a knack for nurturing hidden gems and turning them into top performers. Under his guidance, Atalanta will be expected to continue their success, consistently punching above their weight.

Vincenzo Italiano (Fiorentina)

Vincenzo Italiano’s arrival at Fiorentina brings a sense of optimism for the Tuscan club. Italiano emphasizes an attractive style of play, focusing on swift attacking transitions and a well-drilled defensive setup. Fiorentina, under Italiano, could be a surprise package this season, as they aim to improve their recent league standings.

Stefano Pioli (AC Milan)

Under Stefano Pioli, AC Milan have enjoyed a renaissance with one title under their belt, but a  fourth-place finish in Serie A last season. Pioli has built a strong team structure and has nurtured young talents, such as Rafael Leao and Theo Hernandez, into crucial contributors. As Pioli steers the Rossoneri ship, the historic club will hope to clinch another Scudetto under Pioli  and re-establish themselves in European football.

Rudi Garcia (Napoli)

Rudi Garcia, with past successes at Lille and Roma, takes the reins at Napoli. His tactical approach focuses on solid defensive structures complemented by vibrant attacking football. With Napoli’s already talented roster, Garcia could steer Napoli towards becoming genuine title contenders in the years to come.

Alessio Dionisi (Sassuolo)

At Sassuolo, Alessio Dionisi inherited a side known for their attacking style. Dionisi, much like his predecessor, Roberto De Zerbi, advocates attacking football and is keen on nurturing young talents. Dionisi’s approach might help Sassuolo build on their reputation as a difficult opponent for any team in Serie A.


With a host of proven tacticians and up-and-coming innovators, the coaching landscape of Serie A has never been more intriguing. These coaches will significantly impact their teams and the league’s competitiveness, promising an exciting season of tactical battles. As the season approaches, the anticipation around these talented coaches and their potential impact on their teams heightens, offering plenty of excitement for the fans.

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