Arrests made following clash involving Eintracht Frankfurt and Napoli fans

Seven people have now been arrested following clashes between Eintracht Frankfurt fans, Napoli fans and the police yesterday.

It was reported that fans of the German clubs had arrived in Naples, even though Napoli had banned them from entering the stadium for the game later in the evening. Eintracht Frankfurt fans ended up clashing with the police, burning cars and breaking shop windows, while also clashing with Napoli fans who were wearing helmets.

ANSA claim (via Sky Italia) that seven Napoli ultras have been arrested for clashing with the police and the Eintracht Frankfurt fans who were involved in the situation have been made to board buses that will transport them to Rome, Salerno and the Capodichino airport to reach their respective destinations.

The clashes started when fans of the German club had to get on the buses that would take them back to the hotel where they were staying. At that point, several dozen troublemakers appeared with their faces covered and engaged in a fight while the police, in anti-riot gear, were busy dividing the factions and dispersing the ultras.

A press conference about the happenings of yesterday is expected to take place tomorrow.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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