Audio from intercepted Juventus calls: “Federico Chiesa’s entourage is always looking for economic increases”

More audio from intercepted Juventus calls during the capital gains investigation has been leaked and one of them has Federico Cherubini suggest that Federico Chiesa and his entourage are always looking for financial increase.

Released by Corriere della Sera, the audio have the likes of Fabio Paratici, Andrea Agnelli, Cherubini and Pavel Nedved speaking about various market issues involving the Bianconeri. 

A prominent one features Cherubini speaking to Agnelli back in August, 2021 and he talks about Chiesa. He says that Italian is not someone who can stay at Juve for a long time because “Chiesa’s entourage are very much looking for substantial economic increases.”

The audio also has Paratici expressing his dislike for how the Bianconeri strategies in the market have changed, saying: “We were arrogant in the market. Because Fabio from five years ago does not take Higuain at €90 million, he takes Gabriel Jesus at €10 million and turns him into a €90 million player.”

Stefano Bertola, who was once the head of finance of the club, also criticises the manner in which the Bianconeri overpay for the wages of players.

“Our worst player earns like Atalanta’s best. Zapata takes €1.8 million. if we bought a dog we would give him €3.5 million.”

The recordings also often pick up audio which sees the club’s executives criticise each other and criticising the decisions of the other executives.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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