Charting Luciano Spalletti’s record v Stefano Pioli ahead of huge Champions League clash

Stefano Pioli and Luciano Spalletti are not new to each other by any means. Their careers have spanned multiple years and multiple clubs and all of it comes together today in what could be the biggest game of their careers.

While Pioli has never managed in a Champions League quarter-final before, this is the third time that Spalletti is managing in a Champions League quarter-final but considering the performances on show by Napoli, today could be the biggest game of his career as well.

In total, Spalletti has faced Pioli 15 times in his career and surprisingly enough, he had never lost to the current boss before his stint at Napoli began. He has faced defeat against Pioli only three times in his career, with all three coming at the Partenopei and two coming over the last month or so.

The recent 4-0 loss in Serie A was his heaviest defeat to Pioli but the first meeting between the two managers took place in September, 2006 during Spalletti’s time at Roma. Pioli was in-charge of Parma and it was Spalletti who picked up a 4-0 win back then in a Serie A game early in the season.

Another chapter of their rather friendly rivalry will unfold today and it could also be another chapter in the history of the two clubs.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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