Ex-Juventus star Leonardo Bonucci knew about Nicolo Fagioli’s gambling habit

Former Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci apparently knew about Nicolo Fagioli’s gambling habits, among others.

La Repubblica today state that when Fagioli handed over his phone to the Prosecutor, it emerged that conversations between him and Bonucci took place about his gambling habits. There is no evidence to suggest that Bonucci also participated in the betting scandal but he is one of the many who knew about Fagioli’s habits.

Investigations are underway to look at some non-playing members in football who knew about Fagioli, with one expected to be part of Juventus’ current technical staff. Fagioli’s gambling addiction wasn’t a secret for bookies, who often kept 50 percent of the lost sum and to recover what he lost, the midfielder kept gambling more.

Investigations are also underway to understand if there are any grounds for extortion and more names are likely to emerge from Fagioli’s phone. Nicolo Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali played poker and blackjack on illegal websites, but police believe they have found evidence that they also took part in football bets and that angle is also being explored.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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