FIGC open proceedings against Jose Mourinho after comments about ref Daniele Chiffi

The FIGC has now opened proceedings against Roma manager Jose Mourinho after the Portuguese made some rather harsh comments about referee Daniele Chiffi following the Giallorossi’s 1-1 draw against Monza.

Mourinho had described Chiffi as the ‘worst referee’ he has ever encountered, while stating that he is also ‘unempathetic’ as a human as he sent off Zeki Celik very late in the game, even though the defender had slipped after giving his all throughout the game. He also stated that Chiffi is ‘horrible’ from a technical perspective.

Il Tempo have now reported that FIGC have looked into this case swiftly, stating that the federal prosecutor has opened up an investigation against Mourinho. FIGC have released a press release for the media, stating that all the audio and video footage of the incidents will be reviewed and looked at before a decision will be made.

Mourinho has already admitted that he had carried a mic with himself while he was on the bench and that could now potentially land him in trouble.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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