Juventus set to have key Paul Pogba meeting at the end of the season

Juventus are expected to have a key meeting to discuss about Paul Pogba at the end of the current season.

Giovanni Albanese has reported about the situation of the Frenchman, who made an appearance for the club against Lecce yesterday. Both parties want to iron out some misunderstandings that have emerged across the season and the player and the Bianconeri will have a face-to-face meeting when the campaign comes to a close.

There is still an expectation that Pogba will be a key player for Juve next season and the responsibilities will increase, especially because Adrien Rabiot could possibly leave and this will make sure that Pogba will be the only senior midfielder at the club. Pogba will also be keen to take over a role like that.

But during his extended periods out due to injury, Juve were left unhappy and annoyed about his situation. Despite that, the Bianconeri are not keen on asking Pogba to reduce his salary provided that the Frenchman goes on to take a greater role at the club from next season onwards. 

As of now, the midfielder is very keen on improving his physical condition, especially since it is possible that he gets to play more during games till the rest of the campaign.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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