FIGC reveal reasons for Juventus sentence

The Court of Appeal of thhe FIGC has revealed reasons for the 15-points sentence imposed on Juventus.

After the sentence was imposed on the Bianconeri, they had stated that the rulings were unfair and FIGC had stated that they would respond in some days, before the Old Lady would appeal.

FIGC’s Court of Appeal has detailed the reasons for the sentence, stating that the violations were prolonged and repeated in nature. It is stated, as anticipated by ANSA (via Sky):

“Juve have committed a sporting disciplinary offense, taking into account the seriousness and the repeated and prolonged nature of the violation.” 

The statement, which is yet to be revealed in full, details that the actions have intentionality in them and the club presented an entirely different picture of their finances, as compared to the true situation. The documents presented to the Turin Prosecutor’s office were altered to hide the finances as well.

The Court of Appeal stated: “All these considerations therefore lead to a sanction which must also be proportionate to the inevitable alteration of the sporting result which is ensued by attempting to remedy such an alteration, just as it must be proportionate to the failure to comply with the principles of correct management which the Statute itself of the FIGC imposes a clause of a general nature on sports clubs (art. 19).”


Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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