Inter’s Curva Nord slams Romelu Lukaku: “Vile, cheap mercenary”

Inter ultras from Curva Nord have slammed Romelu Lukaku for having made the decision to potentially join Juventus over Inter. 

For once, Lukaku seemed destined to join Inter but he stopped responding to the Nerazzurri’s calls and opened up to the possibility of joining Juve, who were offering a higher salary than Inter. Inter dropped out of the chase and are now pursuing other targets.

Curva Nord, who had criticised Lukaku after he initially left for Chelsea, have now lambasted the Belgian for having betrayed the club once again.

In a statement (via La Gazzetta dello Sport), they said: “Whoever betrayed you will do it again not because they enjoy it, but because it is part of their nature.”

They further state: “Yes, because you Romelu betrayed all of us, who defended you to the hilt during your bad period. We defended you when the fans of the team that sought you mocked you, now you repay us with a stab worthy of the Brutus. You kissed that coat of arms that is worth more than our lives to us and now like a vile, cheap mercenary, you’re selling yourself to the highest bidder. Before being a champion you have to be a man. And you’re not.”

Juve are yet to make their offer for the Belgian but they could make it by early next month, if they complete the sale of Dusan Vlahovic to Paris Saint-Germain. Time might be running out but the Bianconeri have to complete sales to sign Lukaku and work is said to be in progress.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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