Jakub Jankto: “After my announcement, I felt free”

Former Udinese midfielder Jakub Jankto has revealed that after he publicly came out as gay, he felt liberated and free and he has described it as an ‘extraordinary’ feeling.

Some days ago, Jankto had become one of the very first footballers to announce his homosexuality, when he published a video on social media. Many other players supported the midfielder when the announcement was made and the move has been lauded by many.

Italia 1‘s special broadcast of a programme involved Jankto speaking to them (via Sky Italia) about the experience and how he has felt since the announcement was made. The Czech Republic man revealed that it made him feel free and he is thankful for all the support that he has received from people and players.

He stated: “I am very happy with the decision I made, it was very important for me to do so. For some it is a revolution, especially in a world like football which is clearly homophobic, but for me it is absolutely normal. I hope this also helps those who continue to hide. I put my face into it and I will continue to do so.”

On the reaction from the fans recently, he stated: “Last night, during the first game after I came out, the whole audience applauded me and stood by me. After a long time, I played with a smile. You can win and even score three goals, but doing it with a smile is a really good feeling.”

The midfielder further stated: “I lived for a long time with a barrier, without being able to freely do what I wanted. After my announcement, however, I felt finally free. All of this is extraordinary.”

The 27-year-old is currently at Sparta Prague, on loan from Getafe. He played at three Italian clubs and spent a total of around three years in the country, plying his trade with Ascoli, Udinese and Sampdoria.



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