Jose Mourinho on his future before Europa League final: “Zero contact with other clubs”

Ahead of the Europa League final against Sevilla, Roma boss Jose Mourinho has revealed that he has had zero contact with other clubs.

The Portuguese has been linked with a host of other clubs across Europa and there has been talk about the fact that he is close to departing the Giallorossi when the campaign ends. He is already suspended for the club’s last Serie A game against Spezia.

Amidst speculation about his future, Mourinho spoke to reporters about his future at Roma and he revealed that he hasn’t had any contact with other clubs.

“I think that if any of us have a question similar to yours, they should ask Midilibar because he has no contract. I spoke to my two captains and they asked me a question similar to yours. I answered them objectively. They don’t want me to answer, but they know what I want. It’s different than Inter because I hadn’t signed with Real Madrid, but it was all done. Now I have nothing, zero contacts with other clubs. I think about tomorrow and what we want us, to do because we want to play”.

Mourinho has been linked with a move to Paris Saint-Germain in recent weeks, with reports suggesting that contact has already been made between the two parties despite his public denials. Roma owners have, so far, not held any meetings with Mourinho’s entourage and that isn’t a good sign for the Portuguese.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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