Jose Mourinho on Roma future: “I want to stay but my players and I deserve more”

Roma boss Jose Mourinho has stated that his players and he himself deserves more from the club to stay at the Giallorossi.

Mourinho lost a European final for the first time in his European career against Sevilla today. Roma did take the lead through Paulo Dybala in the first half but a Gianluca Mancini own goal saw Sevilla draw level in the secnod half. As the game trudged into penalties and players got tired, misses by Roger Ibanez and Gianluca Mancini saw Sevilla win their seventh Europa League title in history.

In a chat with Sky Italia, Mourinho didn’t confirm whether he was staying at Roma or not. And in the post-game presser, he stated that he and the players deserve more from Roma for him to stay at the Giallorossi.

He said: “On Monday I go on vacation and during the holidays I only think about this. I want to stay but my players and I deserve more. I want to fight for this more. I’m tired of being a coach, a man of communication, of being the face that says something has been stolen from us.

“I want to stay with the conditions to be able to give more. Next year we won’t play in the Champions League but it’s good news. It may seem paradoxical but it’s good news, we’re not ready yet. We have to win for the Europa League on Sunday.”

It has previously been stated that Mourinho would likely leave Roma if they don’t qualify for the Champions League and after today’s loss, they will not. But his words seem to point towards something that has been reported about how his vision for Roma and the club owners’ vision for the club don’t match. There is also a certain amount of coldness in the relationship between him and Tiago Pinto.

Mourinho will be into his third season at Roma next season and he now want to challenge for the Scudetto but that would require some investment from the club.




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