What is behind Jose Mourinho’s frustration at Roma?

After losing a European final for the first time in his career, Jose Mourinho’s comments about his future were rather cryptic. But one thing was clear – he wants the club to do more to support him and the Roma players and if they manage to do that, the Portuguese would be glad to stay.

Il Messaggero today have detailed Mourinho’s thoughts and those that were reflected in his words in the post-game press conference yesterday. The Roma boss said:

“I want to stay but my players and I deserve more. I want to fight for this more. I’m tired of being a coach, a man of communication, of being the face that says something has been stolen from us.”

Il Messaggero state that Mourinho doesn’t feel that the current squad meets his standards and the expectations he has of a club that he manages. He believes that he is currently in an unknown terrain, where he hasn’t been in before and has already played a host of youngsters such as Cristian Volpato, Edoardo Bove and Benjamin Tahirovic.

It has been previously reported that there is a difference in the vision regarding the future that Mourinho has for the club and the one that the Friedkins have for the club. He would be in his third season at Roma soon and that is when he ideally wants to challenge for the league title and that is why he wants investment to be made into the squad.

He has still managed to make sure that the players can do everything for him. He believes that he lacks support from the club in his crusades against referees – as seen yesterday. He wants to be defended and supported in that regard.

Not long ago, he sought a meeting with the Friedkins to plan his future but the meeting hasn’t taken place so far, frustratingly enough for him. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Gianluca Mancini are the only two players who know about his thought process, with the report also stating that no contact has been made with any other club.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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