Juventus were the only team to be sentenced for two key reasons

Serie A side Juventus have been the only team to be punished by FIGC in the capital gains scandal due to two vital reasons.

While exact reasons will be revealed by the Court of Appeal in nine days from now, Sky Italia have provided some insight into why the other investigated clubs were acquitted but the Bianconeri were not.

It is stated that the papers discovered during the Prisma investigation legally allowed with certainty to reopen the position of Juventus, not of the other clubsThis clearly does not mean that they are not involved, but that (possibly) there are no new elements to overturn the previous levels of judgment by the Court of Appeal. The Prisma investigation involved Juve deferring wages of players by signing personal agreements which they never made public.

The second reason put forward is the idea of ‘lack of loyalty’ from FIGC’s Article 4, which states that that the case is longer about the evaluation or over-evaluation of the player values on the balance sheet or a single transfer but it is the larger the system which is fault.


Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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