Milan set to earn over €80 million from Champions League performances

Milan are set to earn over €80 million from their performances in the UEFA Champions League so far this season.

Sky Italia have reported that the Rossoneri, so far, seem on the way to pocket atleast €84.31 from European competition this season after they managed to go past Napoli in the quarter-finals of the Champions League yesterday and managed to beat them 2-1 on aggregate.

It is stated that UEFA distributes a total of €2 billion as prizes to all the teams in one season of the Champions League. The prizes are divided across four pools and the first one is the basic fee, which is guaranteed for all the clubs that take part in the competition. The basic fee for Milan is at €15.64 million.

The second pool is called the ‘market pool’ and it determined by the television audience and where the teams finished in their respective leagues in the previous season. For that, Milan have pocketed €13.85 million.

The third pool is called the ‘Historic UEFA Ranking’ pool and it depends on how much European success that team has had in the competition across the ten-year period. UEFA allocates €600 million for this and Milan are earning €14.79 million.

The fourth pool is based on the results and how far the team goes. For their performances, Milan have earned €42.03 million. All this will make sure that the Rossoneri are earning €84.31 million, considering that Milan’s FFP fine also has to be included in the total amount.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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