Napoli and Roma fans clash ahead of Serie A games

Napoli and Roma fans recently clashed with one another ahead of the two sides’ respective Serie A clashes on Sunday.

Il Messaggero have reported that the clashes took place at the A1 highway  close to Arezzo, even though the traffic police was already present on site. After the scuffle, the highway was cleared and traffic returned to normal but there were massive rows on the highway.

It is believed that fans of the two teams had met in a service area and about 300 people were involved. At around 1pm, Napoli fans were heading to Genoa for the game against Sampdoria and got out of their cars and mini-vans. As Roma fans passed from the same route, they threw objects on the vehicles.

At the end of the service area exit, the Roma fans stopped and conflict ensued. One Roma fan was left injured and was taken to the hospital, even though the injuries are not serious.

The fans had fought each other with bars, flag poles, helmets and belts and some other fans also picked up minor injuries.


Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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