Sampdoria at risk of points deduction penalty

Serie A side Sampdoria are at risk of a points deduction, if the Ferrero family does not invest more money into the club.

La Gazzetta dello Sport state that today, the Ferrero family has the sixth and the final call with club members and if they do not recapitalise the side with an amount of €35 million to €50 million, the ‘alarm’ will go off at the Genoa-based outfit. As things stand, the club has to recover €11 million in the next two weeks in an attempt to pay the salaries of those working for the club in the fourth quarter.

If this recapitalisation does not occur, a points penalty is likely to be imposed. That is why Samp, starting with club president Marco Lanna, are in a state of alert and are already discussing the idea of a negotiated crisis settlement procedure, which is aimed at helping companies that are in a temporary state of crisis.

But since it is a procedure which has never been used by a club before, FIGC will have to be called in to understand the validity of the procedure. Former owner Edoardo Garrone is someone who has caused quite a bit of anger at the club’s board because he is one of the key reasons for the current season and Samp fans will be protesting outside his house tomorrow.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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