Serie A agents under investigation as part of Juventus’ Prisma case

Several Serie A agents are currently being investigated as an extension to Juventus’ Prisma case.

La Repubblica have provided some details about the situation, stating that the secretariat of the Agents Commission has in fact opened an investigation against the agents who were involved in the wiretaps of the Prisma investigation. There are some prominent names under investigation and those include Davide Lippi, Gabriele Giuffrida, Giuseppe Galli, Vincenzo Morabito, Michele Fioravanti and Tullio Tinti.

During the searches in the headquarters of Juventus, notes on the agreements with the agents were found. A prospectus, in the offices of the then director Federico Cherubini, summarized Juve’s debt position towards the various agents, who were either yet to be paid or accounts with whom were mentioned as ‘settled’. But if finances for the payments were not settled in one deal, they were settled in other deals. They were essentially not paid for the deal they were involved in, but were paid for deals they were not involved in at all.

Davide Lippi, the son of former manager Marcello Lippi, seems quite interesting. Lippi was due a certain amount from the club in the swap deal involving Luca Pellegrini and Leonardo Spinazzola. But Lippi was not paid as part of the deal. Instead, he was paid and included as an agent for the renewal involving Giorgio Chiellini and certain audio recordings have confirmed that as part of the investigation.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN



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